Marriage is, and will always remain, the most important discovery journey that man can accomplish.

Søren Kierkegaard

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Villa Riflesso, with its fascinating peninsula that juts out onto the waters of Lake Fusaro, offers suggestive corners
and unique views.

Boat Experience

A romantic tour on our sailing ship will take you to
discover the beauty of Lake Fusaro and
the Casina Vanvitelliana

The words of those who chose us



We chose this structure for our wedding, both for the wonderful natural setting in which it is located, Lake Fusaro, and for the quality and professionalism that were shown to us right from the start. The location becomes enchanting at sunset, and in the background the Casina Vanvitelliana dominates. Returning to the ceremony, we couldn't ask for anything better: excellent food, really fresh raw materials expertly treated by the chef, delighted all the guests from start to finish, both in terms of quantity and quality. The staff, always attentive and helpful, made everything an unforgettable experience. Thanks so much again, we couldn't ask for anything better! 



It was love at first sight! When you see the villa for the first time you are fascinated in particular by the enchantment that its large outdoor spaces offer. At our wedding, thanks also to the almost perfect service of the dining room staff, we received avalanches of compliments from all our guests, even days after the ceremony. The real gem is the arrival of the bride and groom by boat and the tour at sunset for the on-board photo shoot. Absolutely recommended as an experience for those who want to transform a traditional wedding party into a forever memory.



Super top location. We celebrated our wedding here and everything was perfect and attention was paid to the smallest details. An attentive and super helpful staff. I received compliments from all the guests for the beauty of the place and the professionalism of the service. A special thanks to Raffaele, room manager, who followed us throughout the evening. A wonderful person and an excellent professional. Last, but not least, thanks to Procolo, who guided us in all the preparations. Smart, attentive and helpful.



Wedding ceremony in a villa. Everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail. Kitchen with delicious dishes. Perfect organization, including the music band that kept us entertained and excited. We recommend it to all couples looking for a structure to entrust their day to. A guarantee of quality and 5-star service. The director is a highly professional and helpful person, attentive to every detail. We thank Raffaele and Maria, creators and owners of the structure, for giving us a true dream. Thank you!

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